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The village of Chapelle-des-Bois

Chapelle-des-Bois is a charming village with a population of 275, perched high in the Jura Mountains at 1080 m altitude. Located in the Haut Jura Natural Park and right on the Swiss border, it has managed to preserve its charm and authenticity, offering visitors an authentic experience. With its wild, natural landscapes, outdoor activities and cultural heritage, Chapelle des Bois is a great place for nature lovers and tranquillity seekers.


It's an ideal holiday destination set in unspoilt countryside, offering you an unforgettable holiday and a complete change of scenery. As you stroll along the paths at the foot of the Risoux massif, you'll hear the bells of our Montbéliard cows echoing through the surrounding countryside, adding a touch of country charm to your experience. The varied flora and fauna, landscapes and outdoor activities make Chapelle des Bois a real gem in the Haut Doubs Natural Park.

Chapelle-des-Bois is known for:

  • its very characteristic Risoux cliffs

  • its small wild lakes

  • its church classified as a historic monument

  • its gentian factory

  • its very varied mountain flora

  • its peat bogs

  • his pastures

  • its coniferous forests

  • his extraordinary and fascinating story about the resistance and smugglers during the Second World War

The village is renowned both in France and abroad for being a forerunner in cross-country skiing, thanks to the quality of its terrain, considered a paradise for enthusiasts of the sport. It hosts prestigious competitions, including the Envolée Nordique, a 45km race. It is also on the route of the Transjurassienne, France's only Worldloppet race.

There are also a number of snowshoe trails.

The rolling hills around Chapelle-des-Bois are also ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

It's Maison Michaud eco-museum and cheese dairy are also benchmarks. The village was also a forerunner in the organic sector with its cheese dairy, which has been producing mainly organic Comté cheese since 1976 !

The village stays lively almost all year round thanks to its many accommodation options: hotels, stopover gîtes, holiday centres, holiday rentals, etc.

The "Au Doux Panier" grocery shop in the heart of the village offers everything you need for picnics, basic necessities and newspapers.


Live from Chapelle-des-Bois

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