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The restaurant is open every day from 12pm to 1.30pm

and from 7pm to 8.30pm except on Sunday evenings

and on Wednesdays all day (order-taking times).


However, it is always open to hotel residents.

We have two restaurant rooms. One can accommodate around thirty guests, the other around fifty.


Ambiance des salles

One of the restaurant's newly renovated rooms is an atypical space, with a charming fir-tree ceiling from the forests of Chapelle des Bois. The walls, made of a mixture of lime and straw, add a warm, authentic feel to the space. A stone wall with a built-in period cupboard completes the decor. The bread oven, which dates back several centuries, was once used to bake bread for the village. Finally, there is direct access to a vaulted stone cellar, uncovered beneath an old concrete slab, where the wines can be stored in optimal conditions. The preservation of our environment and the desire to live in a healthy environment were decisive criteria in the choice of our renovation materials.

The other room is very old and dates back to when the house was built. With its French-style ceiling, large beams, wood-panelled walls and interior shutters typical of our mountains, it's a cosy room that makes you feel at home. This room, which is steeped in history, was once used as a café and has remained unchanged. The paintings on the walls have been kept as they were and we've also kept the furniture. You're sure to enjoy sitting down for breakfast, a drink, a game of cards or a bite to eat.

Type de cuisine

We have chosen to offer a modern, Franc-Comtois cuisine that is both generous and refined.



Depending on the season and the chef's inspiration, you'll be able to discover dishes such as the "Clochettes mushroom crust", a free-range chicken stuffed with porcini mushrooms, a fillet of trout poached in Vin d'Arbois, and a Comtois fondue, to name but a few.


Everything is homemade and prepared to order.

We select fresh, quality ingredients to offer you an authentic, tasty culinary experience.


We make it a point of honour to use local produce and the culinary traditions of our region, which also allows us to reduce our ecological footprint.

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We can also organise :

private parties: weddings, birthdays, events, etc.

picnic baskets: let us know the day before

To enjoy coming and tasting our dishes, we advise you to book in advance.


Our menus

We offer you :

- a lunch menu from Monday to Friday

- a menu for evenings, weekends and public holidays

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